Why You Need To Watch ‘Split’

Night Shyamalan has done it again! With his newest thriller ‘Split’ starring James McAvoy. It’s the movie all anyone can talk about. The movie was released in January 20th, 2017 and the hype still hasn’t ended, by the contrary, it’s increasing. The cinema theatres are packed with anticipated viewers waiting to witness what all the hype is about. The movie has so far earned a 7.5/10 rating on IDMb, which is considered great considering the topic of the movie.

Here’s why you need to spend a split second and consider going to the theater and watch ‘Split’. It’s a theatric movie, so don’t wait till it goes online to watch it. You won’t grasp the same effect on the small screen as it’s conveyed on the big one.

Read on even if you haven’t watched the movie, it’s spoiler free! Because why ruin the fun right?

The concept of the movie is quite unique; it has a lot of twists and turns. You never really know what’s going to happen next or why any of this is happening because the movie is centered on a man who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), so who’s the man in charge? You just wait and see. Made with Shyamalan’s distinctive suspense theme with bits of black comedy here and there will make you crawl a hole in your popcorn box.

James McAvoy has been getting pretty big and hefty roles the past few years, but nothing can really compare to his main role in ‘Split’. An extraordinary, raw, and mind-blowing, etc. can be some words to describe McAvoy’s acting in this movie if there are any to describe! Because at the end of the movie, you’ll just be left speechless.

The filmography, on the other hand, aids the suspenseful theme that Shyamalan aims for. Mixing between a third and first point of views, the camera directions make you feel like you are one with the movie.  And there’s no need for any 3D glasses for that.

A suspenseful, gripping story, accompanied with great filmography and an anchoring performance by the actors. What more can one ask for a great movie? Shall this movie bring prosperity for 2017’s movies to come!

Watch the trailer here: