Stranger Things Are Going To Happen In This Year’s Halloween

If you want to really feel a chill in your bones in the midst of summer, then put on your headphones, turn the volume up and watch the Season 2 trailer of Stranger Things. You’ll legit have goosebumps all over your body.

The Netflix produced hit series has had more than its fair share of gossip and hype ever since the first season was released back in July of 2016. And man, the hype it deserved. Accompanying an 80’s vibe, Stephen King’s taste in creepiness, bizarre science-fiction and amazingly talented actors like Winona Ryder really did have a big come back in this one; the series was just made for success.

Stranger Things Are Going To Happen In This Year's Halloween

Looks like the competition of creepy movies and TV series is on a roll this year, as the trailer for the second season dropped, the whole nine episodes will be available as of October 31st, aka, Halloween! I bet you most people will skip going to this year’s parties and just stay at home and binge-watch the whole series in one sitting, bringing back memories of how it went with the first season. Because watching one episode once a week is too nerve-wracking.

As Vincent Price’s eerie voice narrates the dialogue from Michael Jackson’s hit Thriller song, the trailer’s level of creepiness has escalated above the night sky. Reminiscing all of the beloved characters (a bit grown up now), it gives you that sudden urge to check the calendar and count down the days left for Halloween (if you haven’t already).

Will it be good? Will raise the hype up another level? Sometimes, in books, the first volume is the best and the rest are just fillers. But with TV shows, you never really know, will the case be different with Stranger Things? Only a few months left to find out.

2017 is looking so good right now, amongst all the strange things, pun intended, that have been happening.