When Stressing Over What People Think Consumes You

Some people just don’t understand. They don’t get it, that sometimes; you need your own space. Time; to think, evaluate your life, check up on TV shows or even just stay in bed on a Friday night to read a book. It’s not really a matter of being introverted, yet it’s just about taking some time and space for you. But no matter how many times you phrase it, people still don’t understand.

When times like these pass by, the only way to explain it, is as if you’re trying to drive an automatic car with your left foot. It just feels wrong, doesn’t make sense, and makes you think more about why something like that isn’t possible. Like, do lefties use their right leg to drive but the left hand to write? Random questions like these keep you thinking. And these are just some of the feelings and thoughts that go through your mind at 3 AM when you should be sleeping or you’ll be late for work. It’s something you can’t really talk about with others because they might think you’re crazy. It’s thoughts like these that are deemed, unspeakable.

What’s even more unspeakable about this matter is when people think you’re being rude, mean, annoying or even a party pooper. Oh, if only they could catch a glimpse of what it feels like to catch those silly blue swings. Especially during the winter season, even though, it’s all centered on the glorious and cheerful holiday spirit of Christmas. Most people tend to have mood swings during this time of year, which you can know more about here.

It’s pretty pointless to keep thinking about what other people think sometimes. As not only is it time-consuming, but also, it costs dolla dolla bills. Nobody really knows what’s going on in your head. So what’s the point in wasting time and overthinking about what others think of you?

Just keep being you, dedicate your time and focus on improving and adding activities in your life that would motivate you and pick you up from those kinds of days. And if you want some tips on how to get out of that rout, you can check this article on how to motivate yourself in those chilly, chilly times.

When Stressing Over What People Think Consumes You