Super Moon hyped or real?

Yesterday’s super moon was supposed to be the largest since 1948

They said The “supermoon” will appear bigger and brighter

and won’t be this close again until 25 November 2034.

The hype was real, everyone was waiting and excited

Egyptians flocked to uncrowded points to see it clearer

There were even organized trips outside Cairo to moon-gaze

and then, BAAM. The expecations were too high!

Everyone got really disappointed

and the comics started flooding

On the other side, there was a fierce photoshop competition!


Was it really a supermoon?

We all agree that the term “supermoon” creates artificially high expectations as to what we usually see. According to the sky and telescope website: Here’s Web Editor Monica Young’s take:

“If I hadn’t known last night’s full Moon was ‘super,’ I probably wouldn’t have noticed any difference when gazing up in a beautifully clear sky last night. I wasn’t looking alone, though — and I have media hype to thank for that.”

Also probably not the brightest; due to something called the opposition surge.

Opposition surge eh, Ento hatekfaro?

The moon size difference was not noticeable by naked-eye, either by photography or comparison

Yet we can still cherish the phenomena and enjoy some "real" photos!