A Longer Route Can Be More Rewarding

Life’s a journey That part’s pretty covered But which method you’d use for traveling Can make all the difference in the world Getting from point A to B can be challenging Stressful, even

What You Have In Common With A Gold Medalist

Remember watching the Olympics Every four years? It’s considered a ritual for some, to always keep in memory the events that were occurring in their lives during those specific Olympics compe

When You Wish For The Perfect Friend

When You Wish For The Perfect Friend

I wish for someone to hold me tightly. To surprise me, without me even expressing or saying how I feel, and just grab me and keep me close until the beats of our hearts synchronize.

Every Day Of The Week Be Like

Every Day Of The Week Be Like

Sunday is like, That early sunset you’ve always wanted to witness But never had the power to get out of bed for.

It's Alright, Piecing The Puzzle Takes Time

It’s Alright, Piecing The Puzzle Takes Time

Things, matters, situations happen for a reason Good Exciting Happy Sad Bad Chaotic Nothing can stop them It’s natural It’s life And they will happen And they all have reasons behind them Where the ke

Cookie Crumbs Aren’t The End Of The World

Everyone’s world is crumbling   Like the crumbs from a dry cookie   You instinctively reach out to grab   The all too many broken crumbs falling   But it’s out of your han

Being An Outcast Is Something To Be Proud Of

Being who you truly are, whether it’s authentic, narcissistic, bubbly, serious, moody, cheerful or just plain out side the box, can sometimes be viewed as ‘weird’ by some.

Life Is The Pilot Of The Plane You’re On

Holding your passport tightly in your hand   Almost sweating from the nervousness   As you hand your ticket over   And given the directions   You walk down the aisle  

Ask ‘How Are You’ Only When You Mean It

“How are you today?”, a question that is predominantly used as an ice-breaker when initiating small talk, or when greeting someone in the early morning! It’s a common question peo

Since When Have Words Become A Taboo?

Since When Have Words Become A Taboo?

When words were so simple Have now become so hard to pronounce Speaking your mind has become a task A pretty hard one A taboo of some sort Then you have to act like everything’s okay When it