Love Comes From Within

Insecurities, trust issues, and self-harming thoughts, a whole generation misled by hectic feelings and false emotions offered to the wrong people at the worst timings.

A Letter To Who Used To Be My Best Friend

In life, we all experience losses in many different forms. Losing the most important person in our lives is one of the most stressful and confusing situations that anyone can experience.

This Is How I Felt As You Were Leaving To Never Land

This Is How I Felt As You Were Leaving

In the afternoon summer heat, she told me,   ‘What ever happens, just leave me there!’   Words can not even come close to describe   How the features of my face would suggest &

The Story Of A Memory Baking Machine

I am becoming a memory baking machine. I’m not exactly sure of how this came to be, but since the day you left, I am now able to remember everything that has happened in the past few years.