The Search For What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

Everybody is looking for something   Something that fulfills their soul   Something that would make them happy,   To make them feel that they rule the world   Like that fi

Omar Kamal: The Newest Promising Jazz Sensation!

A pure emotional sound. Singing and moving freely between the different styles of music; classic, swing-jazz and Arabic music. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Omar Kamal.

The Curious Case of Rosemary Johnson

Once upon a time there was a girl called Rosemary Johnson. She was a beautiful girl that turned out to be an astonishing violinist and became a member of the Welsh National Opera Orchestra.

Music: Healer Of The Soul

Art is life. The forgotten support to our busy lives, the instrument that makes communication possible between one and the universe that surrounds them.

Why I'm Grateful For The Allure Of Music

Why I’m Grateful For The Allure Of Music

Music What makes it so … Well, words can’t really describe what music is There are so many words in the dictionary And it’s a subjective matter to each person What makes music, songs