A Day In Modernized Ramadan

[v c_row] Waking up in the morning To that annoying alarm At 9:00 AM You get out of bed Before catching a glance At that half-full cup of water you left yesterday That you can’t reach A


Cafelluca: The Best Ramadan Outing

Ramadan is the best time of the year to gather with our beloved ones, family, and friends and create memories that remain in our hearts.

Get Caffeinated After Iftar At EspressoLab!

Well, if you’re the type of person who drools over Facebook food porn videos throughout the day, daydreaming of it or even having the need to eat it all if the chance comes, you’r

Behind The Scenes Of Mega’s New Ice Cream!

Kunafa with Nutella or Mango, Basbousa, Balah El Sham, Sweet Zalabya, Gulash and more! They all, have been people’s favorite desserts in Ramadan for as long as we know.

Why We Watch What We Watch In Ramadan?

Before you start looking for what to watch and what not to watch in Ramadan 2017, why don’t we talk about why we watch what we’ll be watching, first?

So You Only Wear Your Hijab In Ramadan?

You know those people who wear the Hijab only during Ramadan, and then take it off the moment the month is over? We’ve all had a couple of friends in school who did that and we always wondered h