Love Comes From Within

Insecurities, trust issues, and self-harming thoughts, a whole generation misled by hectic feelings and false emotions offered to the wrong people at the worst timings.

You And I Are Like Water And Oil

Water and oil can’t be mixed. No matter how hard you try to shake it Mix it together with a spoon Use up all that arm muscle of yours Water still won’t mix with oil Because they’re different.

When You Wish For The Perfect Friend

When You Wish For The Perfect Friend

I wish for someone to hold me tightly. To surprise me, without me even expressing or saying how I feel, and just grab me and keep me close until the beats of our hearts synchronize.

The Story Of A Memory Baking Machine

I am becoming a memory baking machine. I’m not exactly sure of how this came to be, but since the day you left, I am now able to remember everything that has happened in the past few years.