Jared’s: Hands Down, The Best Bagels In Town!

As you’re rushing in the busy streets in the morning before work, trying to catch up with time, and picking up a quick snack that will let you experience the true New Yorker breakfast and pro

Why Getting A Fujifilm Instax Is Pretty Pointless

Why Getting A Fujifilm Instax Is Pointless

You’ve probably seen it on every Instagram feed, placed perfectly on white sheet beds, with some books and a cup of joe, and you can’t help but immediately think, ‘I want it!̵

Get The Best Of Sinai And Sahel In One Place!

Ever feel like going to Sinai, but you’re not particularly excited about the 10-hour drive, so you Sahel instead, but you still really want to go to Sinai? Located 3 KM after Marrassi,

Behind The Scenes Of Mega’s New Ice Cream!

Kunafa with Nutella or Mango, Basbousa, Balah El Sham, Sweet Zalabya, Gulash and more! They all, have been people’s favorite desserts in Ramadan for as long as we know.

Why You Need To Watch 'Split'

Why You Need To Watch ‘Split’

Night Shyamalan has done it again! With his newest thriller ‘Split’ starring James McAvoy. It’s the movie all anyone can talk about.