The 5 Tips That Will Help You Stay Healthy In Ramadan

We’re all trying to contemplate how we’re going to maintain our body weight and not ruin our diets with all the delicious food and gatherings that are coming our way! And because we know how hard it is to avoid the food and stay on a healthy diet especially during this month, we’ve compiled some tips for you to help you stay in shape and at the same time, enjoy your times.

Get Hydrated

Drinking lots of water and fluids in between Iftar and Suhoor will not only help you stay hydrated the next day but will also fasten your metabolism. Try drinking between 6-8 cups of water a day. To avoid having to drink a lot of water just before Fajr, you can start by drinking 2 cups while breaking your fast, then 1 cup every hour until Suhoor.

Do Not Overeat

Enjoy the foods you love without having to overeat. A little bite from every plate will be enough for you to feel full and satisfied. To avoid eating a lot of unhealthy food and taking in a lot of calories, start your breakfast with a cup of water or 3 dates followed by soup and salad. This will help you get full faster and will cut the amount of unhealthy food you might eat.

Stay Active And Don't Skip Working Out

It’s okay to shorten the time of your workouts during Ramadan, but it is not okay to skip them. Staying active during this month is very important especially if you are trying to maintain your body weight. A quick workout for 20 or 30 minutes a day will help boost your metabolism, burn calories and will also help you stay energetic.

Have A Healthy Suhoor

Again, there is no need to overeat during your Suhoor. This will only leave you with extra calories that your body does not need.  Our bodies’ reserves empty out after 6 to 8 hours from our last meals so eating a lot will not prevent you from feeling hungry the next day. Also try to incorporate proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fibers in your meals.

Limit Fried Food and Sugary Juices

We know it’s hard to prevent overeating them in Ramadan and that’s why we said limit and not avoid. Fried food contains a lot of unhealthy fats that will only disrupt your digestion process, so try to replace it with something more healthy every now and then. We also recommend you replace sugary drinks with sugar-free or natural fruit beverages.

Ramadan is an excellent time to adopt new diets and eating habits. Either you want to lose the weight or maintain it, Ramadan will serve you a great deal. So take advantage of it, eat healthy, act healthy, and the weight will eventually take care of itself.

Ramadan Kareem everyone!