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The 5 types of people celebrating your birthday

When it’s 12.00 am and it’s your birthday, you start receiving messages, greetings, phone calls and presents from so many people. Some are your best friends; others are family members. You hear some comments that leave you most of the times speechless; the following are the famous types of people that get to greet you on your birthday:

  • The Reminder.
    Is the one who never forgets your birthday no matter how far away you both are from each other, the first person to say to you happy birthday, and it’s usually your Grandmother.
  • The whiner.
    Never stops whining about you getting older without accomplishing any goals yet, and keeps reminding you that you’ve got to change your way of living your life.
  • The Gold Fish.
    Who gets surprised every year that your birthday is today, he has never actually remembered your birthday date, & the thing is that you never get upset with him.
  • The planner.
    Is the person that has been preparing for your birthday two months earlier, where you’re going to celebrate? Who will be invited? He gets excited for your birthday every year more than yourself.
  • The pop-up.
    Is someone you don’t know anything about, but both of you keep calling each other on your birthdays, and you both are so happy with it.

An act of kindness on someone’s birthday will make a huge difference.

The 5 types of people celebrating your birthday

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