The Best Hairstylist in Lebanon is Finally coming to Egypt!

Searching every season on the internet over stylish hair looks, styles, colors and trends is any woman’s favorite hobby. All women out there love to look pretty and stylish. But there’s one challenge that most women face when they decide to go wild and change their hair styles, which is finding the perfect salon for new hair colors, cuts or styles. Maybe they  will find one, but on their first visit to that salon, they will feel nervous and worried about how they will look like before they leave the salon. However, women around the world agree on one person when it comes to hair! This person is the famous Lebanese hairstylist expert “Mounir’.


Mounir is a Lebanese famous hairstylist. He was known through his social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Mounir managed to position himself in the market as the best hairstylist through the short videos he used to post. He’s always updated to the new hair trends, styles, and colors. Actually, sometimes he’s the one who creates hair trends and styles. He is so creative and professional about what he does, and what makes him unique is being passionate about what he does. Check out one of his videos while doing a hair cut.

Recently, Mounir posted on his Instagram account a post that made all the women in Egypt go insane! He announced that he will open his first salon in Egypt soon.

However, he did not announce when he will open exactly. But by posting this, all women are excited and can’t wait till he opens his doors! It’s like a dream come true for Egyptian women who had dreams for getting their hair done by Mounir.