The Girl On The Train Book And Movie Review

A fast-paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Narrated by three female characters, a drunk, a liar and a cheat. You won’t help but finish the book in one intense sitting.

Book Review:

“Trust no one”

Topping the UK best-seller charts, comes the mystery-thriller novel written by Paula Hawkins. The Girl on the Train, published early 2015, is now marked in history after being on the top bestseller list for 20 weeks in a row! And it definitely deserves the hype. The book even got its own movie adaptation which was released in September of 2016 starring Emily Blunt.

The book was marketed by some as the next Gone Girl, but no, it’s much different, gripping, fascinating page-turner that will only leave you wanting to leave everything just to finish the chapter. But then you find yourself more attached and have to read yet another chapter. And the story goes on.

This book is full of secrets, and truthfully, everyone has them. What really happens behind closed doors or how well do you really know someone are some questions that are left for you to guess all the way through the book. Nevertheless, it’s a psychological thriller novel you need to get your hands on!

Movie Review:

They say never judge a book by its movie. And it’s the case with The Girl on the Train. Even with Emily Blunt’s star lead, the movie kind of lost direction. One of many things being the fact that the book was placed in the UK and in the movie it transported over to the US, giving the viewer a completely different vibe from the book. Plus, Blunt tries to hide her British accent which happens to be a failed attempt.

Regardless, Blunt’s acting was one of the cases that would allow the movie a higher star rating. To be frank, it was superb. She played the main character (Rachel) flawlessly. Even with the fake American accent. However, the way the movie portrayed the plot as a whole seemed to flop. That is, if you’ve already read the book and moved over to watch the movie. Whereas if you watched the movie alone, it would be a film filled with twists and turns you don’t know how it ends.

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