Things Every Egyptian House Needs To Dump

In every Egyptian home, is a group of unwanted belongings, ones that have been kept in places that we completely forgot about, only because ‘We might need it someday!’. You might not have enough time to do the decluttering all at once, but once you start to see the difference, you will never hoard another day in your life!

Empty Jars

It is almost taboo in Egypt to throw away any jars! Whether they had jam, coffee or nutella, we always tend to keep them after they have served their purpose. There are hundreds of ways to recycle empty jars and make use of them, such as transforming them into candle or pen holders, filling them with candies for kids, or using them as plant pots.

Plastic Bags

That one place full of plastic bags, whether it’s a drawer, behind the kitchen door, under the bed mattress or even a whole sideboard. You might need a few plastic bags every now and then, but it’s common knowledge that we keep plastic bags more than we need.


We have loads of medicines scattered around the fridge that are probably way expired. Schedule some time to filter them, throw the expired ones and donate what you don’t need.

Video Tapes

We all have video tapes with no compatible video players to even watch them. Turn them into CDs or throw them now!


Piles of newspaper are kept for many reasons. Cleaning, wrapping, or painting, anything but reading. Like the plastic bags, you might need some, just not as much as you keep! Get rid of the excess newspaper, magazines, and catalogs and donate them for recycling.

Old Home Appliances

That iron that is broken and doesn’t work, the vacuum cleaner that doesn’t actually vacuum anymore, and that torch light that doesn’t seem to show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Those and lots of others have become outdated and forgotten. Get them repaired and donate them to the nearest NGO, they will give them to people that actually need them.

Cassette Player

Even if you don’t remember, it’s there somewhere hidden at your home. It is time to let go of the golden cassette age along with all its tapes.

Teddy Bears

We know they’re cute and friendly, but it’s time they make someone else happy! Give them away to the nearest orphanages, and you will feel overjoyed instantaneously!


That myth of keeping old batteries in the fridge to make them work again is so out of place, just throw them away, for cryin’ out loud!

It’s so easy to convince yourself that you might need them later, but newsflash, you won’t! You’d either look for them and find that they’re too old, or you forget that you have them in the first place, and go get new ones, which leads to excessive cluttering! Learn how to detach from materialism; the things you own do not give value to your life. Learn how to separate between quality and quantity! More things does not mean a happier life. The more things in your home, the more things consuming your time and energy, and eventually your mental capacity! Relieve yourself and your home from unwanted belongings and enjoy a minimal lifestyle.