Find Out How to Overcome Your Emotional Eating!

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of the night heading to your fridge searching for some good food to eat or while watching TV bringing too many sweets just to entertain yourself`. But did you notice that sometimes you just eat because you’re stressed or having some emotions you want to ignore? In fact, there’s a type of eating that many people suffer from without noticing called “Emotional Eating”. Emotional eating is used as a reward or an emotional filling rather than satisfying hunger. This type of eating is definitely a bad habit that affects people’s mental and physical health negatively.  In order to avoid emotional eating you must understand its meaning and know if you suffer from it or not. If yes, you should start working on yourself to avoid it later. Get to understand more about emotional eating:

Emotional Eating

This type of eating happens when you have some feelings or emotions like being stressed, angry, tired or any other similar emotion. At that point, eating food is your only savior even if you’re not hungry. It’s like your body is responding to your negative feelings subconsciously but this kind of relief won’t last forever. Eating might make you happy for a couple of minutes but won’t make you happy forever. Afterward, you will feel guilty for the calories you ate and it will make you eat over and over and over. Accordingly, you will gain weight. Emotional eating comes in no time and it’s not even related to the time when you last ate. At the end of this, you will feel uncontrollable on both sides whether on the emotional side or on the eating side. However, you must understand the symptoms of emotional eating and start recognizing them.
Here are some signs to start noticing if you suffer from emotional eating, or not.

  • Do you eat when you are stressed?
  • Do you eat to reward yourself?
  • Do you eat to feel Happy?
  • Do you eat even when you are not hungry?
  • Do you eat when you are bored?
  • Do you consider food as one of you best friends?

If your answers were yes to one, few or all of these questions, then you must understand that you suffer from emotional eating. Now, You need to know how to control your emotions to be able to change your eating habits. No doubt, it’s important to fix the situation, and start looking for other emotional fulfillments other than food. So, here are some tips that may help you control your emotions and eating habits.

Eat When You are Really Hungry

This means that you should recognize your hunger and eat only when you have an empty stomach at the time that you’re supposed to eat. Remember not to starve yourself.

Sleep Well

Try to maintain healthy sleep patterns. Well at least 7- 8 hours of sleep daily.


Get yourself busier in a healthy lifestyle. Go out and make daily workouts to prevent yourself from having negative emotions and from emotional eating.

Drink More Water

Benefits of drinking water are unlimited. A natural boost for your energy and will fill your stomach.

Eat Healthy Food

Stick to the healthy food choices like vegetables and fruits. Actually, by then, it will work on balancing your health by preventing your unhealthy cravings.

Understand Your Feelings and Emotions

Learn to understand how you feel and what makes you stressed, angry or sad. When you are fully aware of how you feel, you can control your hunger. Whether it’s emotional or real hunger.

Emotional eating is hard to resist and easy to persist. But you need to stop now. The simple tips mentioned above are just the start for you to stop your emotional eating. If you’ve noticed that you can’t control your unhealthy habits then you must see a professional health doctor to help you. Eating makes all of us happy but it has to have a limit.