How To Overcome Procrastination Before It Overcomes You

Ever been in a situation, where you really want to catch up on a series you’ve delayed for a while. And you’d think you can finish your tasks tomorrow. So you start watching the first episode, temptation to watch the second episode becomes inevitable. So then, you find that you’ve finished the whole series in just two days (applause). However, you haven’t done anything productive, and your tasks or errands are still unpicked from your to-do list.

That my friend is a simple example of procrastination. Always thinking that you’ll get whatever it is done tomorrow. Well, as one of the people who’ve become masters in procrastinating everything, here’s a few tips on how to overcome procrastination and actually produce rather than just aimlessly staying busy.

The Importance of the To-do List

It’s pretty obvious here that writing things as ‘done’ on paper (not on your laptop) can make a world’s difference. Why? Because it’s a physical thing writing done, makes you always remember your tasks.

Having a To-Do list can help avoid stress, forgetting a task, and constantly thinking about what you have to do. On the plus side, ticking off your tasks one by one gives the most gratifying feeling in the world! Accomplishment.

Break Down Your Tasks

If you’re working on a big project, then break down the tasks needed into smaller ones. This method will help you know what to prioritize, what needs to be done now, and which will take the longest.

By following this, you wouldn’t feel stressed about your projects. As they’re broken down into smaller ones, making each small task less intimidating. By breakdown tasks, the whole project would feel more achievable.

Later on, this will change your mindset. And with every future task, you’ll be able to accomplish it in less time, no stress, and beat procrastination.

Don’t Think, Start NOW!

The momentum of starting a task can be hard, which may cause you to have some sort of mind block, further delaying the project and continuing with the habit of procrastination.

Don’t dwell long on the outcome of the finished task. Just stop thinking and start doing, and later on the flow of procrastination in your life will disappear bit by bit.

Be Considerate To Yourself

Everyone has those days when they feel guilt or shame that they haven’t done anything productive all day. However, feeling this way will make you procrastinate even further, as when you’re not feeling 100%, you tend to slack and not get anything done.

Learn to be positive and less tough on yourself. Understand that it’s okay if one day something as such happened. Just focus your mind that tomorrow you CAN do it.

Understand What You’ll Gain

Ask yourself this question, ‘What would I benefit, gain, learn, and experience from this task?’. Answering this question will help you understand what you do more. It will give you a sense of motivation to keep at it. Ultimately beating procrastination in the process.

Overcoming procrastination doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a learning process, just take it day by day, task by task, and soon you’ll find your procrastination levels decrease and you’re on the road to accomplishment.