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To The Ones Who Let Life Change Them

To the ones who once were decent people, but life had taken its toll on them, and had transformed from people who love and care for other people to individuals who are selfish, controlling and manipulative.

Here it comes, walking slowly, sneaking by you

Here it comes, walking upon your fears, feeding it, I catch you

Like the rumble thunder, it filled your life with bright light, then switching suddenly to the blackness too

Sneaking by you, you look at me shouting: “How far does it go?”

I told you, I told you

Beware of that snake growing within you

Beware of that hatred inside you

Controlling you, you shout in pain

Controlling you, you love that fame

Judge the people, judge the sky

You are too big to be a lie!

You are too small but you can’t give a clue

You can’t realize, you can’t beware

That ego has taken over you

Over your life, over your thoughts, over everything you could wish for!

Beware, beware of things you want to

Because you might find it in your shadow, within you

Now you realize, now you discover

That everything you were against thrives inside you!

It sneaked by and controlled you

It sneaked by and killed you

While you were focusing on the people around you

“This is good, that is bad”

“He is a liar, she is a whore”

I am the king of the un-true world so; I shall never be a fool

Now you fathom, now you realize

That your whole life was wasted for no good

Judging people’s lives and ruining it too

With words, you kill, you slash, you threat.

I had tried and tried to warn you

While you were enjoying the blather you do!

Now, you are a prisoner of your own thoughts

Now you are a king on a wreckage of doom

Sitting on the throne like a relentless fool!

Ruling people like true marionettes though,

Suck in the happiness from people like a black hole too!

No help, No cure

No treatment, no return

One way to hate, one way to fate

You spend your life-time in that endless loop!

Six feet under, you repose, you rest

What a shame! What a pain!

A truly good person, had lost this fight too!

To The Ones Who Let Life Change Them


  • Mohamed El-Kasaby is a Firefly who is floating freely within the cosmos dark matter, trying to understand it and reach for a solution to our existential dilemma!



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