11 Egyptian Instagrammers You Need To Follow!

Egyptians love photography, and I think it’s safe to say that it has been proven quite intensely, when a solid 5 years ago, maybe more, everybody in Egypt owned a DSLR and created a Facebook fan page after their name, uploading and glorifying their shots. Thankfully this trend is long gone, and now everybody has taken to our beloved Instagram to portray Egypt through their eyes and fuel their creativity. The list below is not your average ultra-famous-have-40k-followers. The ones who made it here, whether managing to have turned 100 thousand white buttons green or not, made it here solely because of their unique and distinct perceptions of the many aspects of Egypt. Here are your next 11 favorite Instagrammers:

Mariam Satour – The Embroidery-ist

I have been following Mariam for a couple of years now, and seeing her evolve as an embroidery artist makes me as proud as if I knew her. Her gallery has a feel-good-guru tone to it, and no matter how much time I spend away from Instagram, she’s always one of the first few accounts I am eagerly searching for.


#contemporaryembroidery #embroidery

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Haya Khairat – The Cinematographer

Haya likes to share bits and pieces of her daily adventures, trips, errands and shenanigans through caption-less uploads. Somehow, her shots are perfectly adequate of conveying meaning with no need of caption assistance! And if she does write captions, they’re usually one-worded. The girl doesn’t waste time, man!


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Dina Salama – The Frida Kahlo

I came across Dina’s account by complete chance, and I’ve been a huge fan of her gallery ever since. She is an artist of many ways, and she channels her creativity through her paintings, photography, love for fashion and obsession with rings.

Wearing cultures ✨⚜

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Abdallah Saleh – The Everything-ist

On the photography front, Abdallah is not walking a certain path. Whether landscapes, portraits or even products, you name it, he’s all in. I have been following him for many years now, and his work is only getting better and better. I don’t even know what else to expect from him after this incredible shot!

How this only has 60 likes is beyond me!


Mostafa El Kashef – The Psychedelic Dreamer

Some, or perhaps a large percentage of the Egyptian Instagram community, may find Kashef’s shots a tad controversial. I myself get taken a back sometimes by the boldness and bluntness of his work. But isn’t that what art is about? Expressing yourself?

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Eslam Abdelsalam – The Real Wanderer

You know how some people (emphasis on some), upload pictures of themselves with deep and articulate quotes and suddenly they’re wanderers, intellectuals and thinkers! God forbid you did that at some point in your life, then you must check out Eslam’s gallery. He is an aimless wanderer and roamer, who documents every single hidden corner in Cairo. Talk about spamming! Eslam finds beauty in the most unusual places; check out his gallery, you’ll know what I’m talking about!



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Habiba El Gendy – The Wanderer’s Accomplice

Habiba is actually Eslam’s partner in crime, having both appeared a lot in each other’s projects and shots. Habiba like Eslam, has a conceptual take on things, and her gallery is a good representation of that! Below is a shot Habiba captured of Eslam, in his habitat!

A beautiful mess. #cairo #egypt

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Noor Emad Anbar – The Life Manifesto

Her gallery makes me drown in self-pity! Never have I felt life incarnated in a couple of pixels! She actually makes me want to go out there into the world and LIVE!


A photo posted by Noor Emad (@nooremadanbar) on


The Portrist – Ummm, The Portrist?

No name or face behind the project (he’s mysterious like that), but this guy will take your picture for only 25 pounds! His portraits are not the kind we are usually accustomed to, and happy-couples-and-collywobbles are not his scene! He prefers to work with people with stories behind their eyes, stories that trigger and stimulate emotion. I have personally attended a couple of his photoshoots in his private studio, and I can whole-heartedly say the amount of devotion, dedication and effort he exerts during the photoshoot will assure you that 25 pounds does not do him nor his work, justice!

I dare you find someone as adequate taking your portrait for only 25 pounds!


Youssef Alimam – The Circus Monster

This Johnny Depp lookalike will have you wondering what planet has he ascended from! Take a look at his gallery and you’ll know what I mean.

-Serk El-Wo7oush #serk #elwo7oush #circus #monsters #band #egypt #singer #drummer #rock #music

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Ahmed Magdy – The anything-ist

Nobody knows what this guy is on about or what he’s trying to convey, and most people don’t even understand why some of his pictures are the way they are, but he doesn’t care! Somehow his entire gallery complements itself; they all fit together into one theme! His Instagram is his journal, and he uses it in whichever way he wants! He posts shots under the hashtags #lady_in_my_photo and #on_my_green_table, amongst others, and occasional videos of him playing the Oud. He is eccentric and strange, in an eye-opening way!

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