12 Awesome World Travelers That You Should Follow Now

For people who are either traveling or looking for travel inspiration, this article is for you. Below is a list of travel gurus that are experts in eye candy and traveling in style. Those adventurous influencers are passionate about their travels, and whether you are planning to hop on a flight to Bali, go on an African adventure, or explore Europe, we suggest you go through these jet setters first. Be prepared to get major travel envy, these feeds are no joke. If you are seriously in need of recommendation on where to stay, what to eat and how to live like a local, or just fantasizing the idea of travel, follow these accounts and be sure to glean their tips and tricks to snagging the perfect shots on your next adventure.

1. Fly With Haifa

The lively and bright young lady Haifa Beseisso, Canon ambassador in the Middle East who posts her inspiring dailies around the world, is turning her passion for travel into means to convey messages of love and coexistence.
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2. Be My Travel Muse

Kristin is a travel blog from Southern California. She is a typical travel junkie who quit her investment banking stable job, and now travels the world seeking off-the-record adventures. On her account, you can see a glimpse from some of the best hikes around the world.
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3. Expert Vagabond

If you love landscape and adventure photography you will definitely love this account! Catch up with him on Instagram where he shares crazy adventures like hitchhiking across the US, scuba diving with sharks, trekking in Afghanistan, chasing the northern lights and a lot more.
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4. Lesley Anne Murphy

Lesley is one of the most adventurous people around and puts a new perspective to amazing destinations around the world. She is taking the travel blog game to a whole new level.
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5. Navegatio

A travel blogger based in Dubai, Souad posts awesome travel photos, enriching the travel community with Arabic content. Her updates are like mini blog posts full of information about the city she’s visiting. The feed is full of awesome facts and travel stories you will fall in love with. You could definitely use some of her storytelling tips in your travel plans.
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6. Pause The Moment

Ryan’s Instagram is all about travel and fun, you will instantaneously feel jealous of his awesome vacations. Whenever you see a photo of him at the Greek Isles, the BVI’s, the Caribbean, or Mexico, you will be inspired to Pause the Moment, stare at the photo and decide to travel the world.
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7. The Blondie Abroad

Kiersten Rich is a lifestyle blogger who quit her successful career in corporate finance to travel the world. She documents awesome pictures of everything, from fashion to food to festivals, following this account will have you wanting to do the same.
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8. Alex Strohl

For adventure lovers, Alex Strohl, the Vancouver-based adventure enthusiast, creates a world straight out of The Wild with his incredible landscapes. Roaming in or out of beautiful Vancouver his photos are definitely Instagram worthy.
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9. Ever Changing Horizon

The Ever Changing Horizon photo travel blog is all about adventure photos featuring incredibly colorful places. Quin shows places out of this world, from mountains, to lakes, and skies full of stars.
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10. Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana once lead a nomadic life and now is settled down in New York city, but that doesn’t mean she stopped travelling. She takes her mission to encourage people to make the world a better place really seriously. She posts bold photos that reflect her varied travels featuring architecture and people with adding a sense of storytelling.
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11. Daniel Kordan

Daniel shoots breathtaking landscape photography from places like Norway, Russia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and more. Once you check his feed you will know how obsessed he is with ice and frozen things.
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12. Travis Burke

Travis is a US-based photographer who travels with his girlfriend (yes too many comments with “goals”). His photos highlight the true beauty of national parks, lakes, mountains, beaches and more. If you’re a fan of camping you’ll surely enjoy his account.
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Happy Virtual Instagram Travels!