The Truth Behind Mountain View’s Exciting Duck Campaign!

Mountain View’s new campaign has presented to the Egyptian audience a whole new level or creativity. But the secret behind the viral creative campaign might be somehow unpleasing to most of us if you knew the reality and truth of where the idea came from!

The story of this campaign started with many social media influencers from different categories grabbing people’s attention to let them ask what is happening! From fashion bloggers to artists and actors, and more other influencers posted pictures and videos recently on their social media accounts using bathtub mini ducks using the hashtags #MountainViewAndTheDuck and #Elbatta. People were going insane just to relate Mountain view and the duck.

Afterwards, Mountain View left people no more curious. They released their giant duck that left the bathtub going to the Egyptian Nile in Zamalek, Cairo. Actually, this duck has become the talk of people online on social media and offline on the streets and has indeed achieved great success. The main purpose of this duck was to grab the attention of people and let them know that it will move across Egypt until it settles in Mountain View, Ras El Hikma!

Moving to the exciting part, where this idea has emerged; was it originally created by them or have they just cheated? Have they got inspired by other well-known campaigns?

Well, this rubber duck is an existing project, which has been to more than 20 cities with the permission of the original artist as well as his copyrights. The man behind the over-sized duck is Dutch artist “Florentijn Hofman”.

Florentijn Hofman created the concept of this giant duck with the purpose of making people’s lives happier and unified. It has been used in many countries for advertising purposes. Have no one ever thought to Google “Duck Campaign” and see the results? It’s worldwide used!

The concept of this duck has been used around many countries years ago such as Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea and more of other countries in celebrations, campaigns, huge events and for other purposes. Other countries have made the concept without his copyrights and then it ended up with serious legal issues but some of them claimed that the duck has been used by bathtubs since 1940 and it has no copyrights as it has been used in other sizes and different shapes.

And the question is; has Mountain Veiw took the permission of the orginal artist to make the duck continue the journey around the world? or they just loved the idea and decided to execute it in other means?

Who knows what the truth is, but if we look at the orginal duck made by the artist and the one that was used by Mountain View, both look totally different in size, shape and color but definitely the concept is the same, unforetunately.

For more information about the original duck made by Florentijn Hofman head to his website or wekipedia.