Best Natural Soaps For Flawless Skin!

Having to sustain and maintain a certain beauty regime can be hard, and in Ramadan, attending to those beauty rituals seem trivial and somewhat insignificant when you can barely find a speck of energy to attend to your necessary tasks, like actually getting out of bed, driving your car and getting to work on a daily basis.

Sloth hits us all in Ramadan (shouldn’t, but it does), and easy feasible fixes are irresistible. You get up to go to work, only to find that you look like Frankenstein. Hungry, thirsty and de-caffeinated, looking your worst is the last thing you need. Your body looses a ton of body fluid that it needs to replenish and nourish your skin in the heat of day, which eventually leads to dehydration and loss of glow.

The fix? Imtenan shop is the ultimate solution for your skin needs. Mainly, Imtenan shop is a Cairo-based Egyptian brand focused on the production of natural and healthy products. It offers a lot of 100% natural homemade products, but the best products are their soaps. Their soaps will make your skin young in feel and look. They sell 4 types of different soaps that will match any type of skin.

Dead Sea Soap

A soap for deep-skin cleansing. It cleanses and purifies your skin while infusing it with the minerals needed such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium. It will also enhance you skin ability to be more moisturized, healthy and smooth.

Propolis Soap

A soap that contains soothing honey with Propolis which is known for its high natural antioxidant content and health properties. Also, Propolis soap will help in healing, soothing and balancing skin irritations.

Oat Honey Soap

It’s not just for skin glow but to make you relax! This soap is designed to make every bath you take feel like an indulging spa experience. The soap is also used for gentle skin exfoliation and to massage tired feet and muscles.

Milk and Honey Soap

Believe it or not, this soap is extremely moisturizing and it’s made with natural honey and full cream milk. It basically soothes the skin from irritations by healing and nourishing the skin. It will soften and moisturize your skin like it’s all-new.


All soaps offered by Imtenan are homemade and 100% natural, with affordable prices. You don’t have to make time to attend to your beauty rituals, using the soap while having a shower or washing your face will suffice. Imtenan soaps are the safest and are guaranteed to give your skin the glow that it needs. Know more about Imtenan and their various lines of products through their website and Facebook page.