The Upsetting Yet Truthful Story Of Orange

There are always fun, fluffy and heart-warming stories, that whenever you listen to them, you still get the same feelings shifted inside of you. Those same heart pumping, arm-hairs rising, and sweat induced feelings that no matter what, you aren’t able to control. Your body just simply reacts. And as the story goes on, rising up to the climax with each passing word, your ears hears nothing but goosebumps and your mouth voices the words ‘awww’.

But see, that’s not the story with Orange. Well, how can one start with Orange? The fruit, color, and word for that matter. For starters, it’s an annoying word. One, that doesn’t and will not have a perfect partner in crime with the rhyme game. It kind of resembles a lone wolf, standing, with its nose pointed at the moon, surrounded by partners everywhere. Just, coexisting.

It might be one of the most important fruits known to man, rich with minerals and vitamins. But still, only a small percentage of the population would actually go crazy over those Orange flavored and colored Skittles. They’re always the one’s left behind, being digested the last as some, chewed with hardship just for the sake of not wasting away any food.

Orange is always misunderstood. As they might look ripe and ready to eat from the outside, they might have a little, or a lot of bitterness on the inside. Sometimes, regardless of what things may appear like, they don’t always look the same. Yes, the finger is being pointed on those chocolate glazed doughnuts you just drooled over. As presentation is always key.

They always leave a strong scent behind them. On your hands, in the air. You’ll always know that Orange was in the area when they step over. Regardless of whether or not someone bothered with them.

As you’re reading the sad story of Orange, the color or the fruit, when you think about it, everyone has a bit of Orange inside of them. Being too outspoken might be looked down upon, being misunderstood by your own choice of words, being loved, wanted, needed by everyone, yet still hated. Regardless of so, Orange always leaves a mark wherever they go, impacting the atmosphere or people around them.

Orange brings out the best out of you. The real you. You, who makes the whole bowl of fruit all the more nutritious, and to some, even more delicious. You might be bitter, but that’s just when you’ve gotten too close to the peel, as Orange is nothing but all sweet by nature deep down inside.

As you start to gravitate to the brighter colors of the rainbow, the sad story of Orange isn’t really a sad one. It’s actually more of a true story. And you should proud of it.