10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Art Galleries More Often!

Art Makes You Smart

If you are looking for something to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, you should do something exciting from time to time to feed your soul and challenge your intellect. Visiting art galleries is one of the most underrated activities in Egypt, yet it has all you are looking for. Here are 10 reasons why you should pay a visit to an art gallery the soonest:

The Perks of Visiting Art Galleries

1. One of the memory-improving techniques is drawing visual words. If a painting’s called ‘The Happy Run’, every time you spot the word ‘run’, or you’re actually going for a run, your mind will automatically take you back to the portrait you saw. If you met a woman called “Mona Lisa”, you would instantaneously remember the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ portrait by da Vinci.

2. Art helps you make mental connections between space and material objects. You never look at art the same way you look at things, when your eyes meet the artwork ideas emerge. Actually, art happens when you think and start to notice your emotional response.

3. Art Galleries makes you aware of the world geography. Some art galleries feature art by international artists, paying attention to their names and locations will exercise your geographical memory.

Art Improves Memory

4. Galleries can take you back to historical periods, artists love to refer to other eras and historical events. Fluency in art is equal to fluency in history.

5. Art galleries will help your interpretation skills and creating a meaning. But let’s be honest, a lot of art doesn’t make much sense. After all, going to art galleries and interpreting what you see is good for your memory.

6. Art galleries will make you experience puzzlement. Being puzzled means you already understood something two or more and now you are confused how they go together. Visiting art galleries gives you the experience to match pieces together.

7. Some art resists meaning, they create unsolvable mysteries that you carry out through your life. In Critical Theory, this is called “indeterminacy” and it is a powerful tool in art, cinema, theater, and literature. Take for example “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali. You probably don’t know what it means, no matter how many times you see this painting, it still mystifies. Yet, you can always connect to the enigma and try puzzling out new meanings even if we know we’ll never come to a conclusion.

Art Builds Characters

8. Looking at art in galleries creates conflicting opinions, even if you go alone, you’ll have more interesting inner dialogues which also encodes long-term memories.

9. The outside world will look differently. Artists tend to use everyday objects within the art gallery to change our perspective of the outside world.

10. Finally and most importantly, art galleries are like idea generating machines. Every piece of art began with an idea, even if it was just throwing paint at the wall. The more ideas you meet, the more you play with those ideas in your mind, and the more likely you are to come up with ideas of your own. You might also meet artists that will take you on a tour explaining their thoughts and giving you insights about their sources of inspiration.

Admit it, you always wished you were a more interesting and intellectual individual. The secret is in always feeding yourself new and exciting ideas and doing new things. Make a habit out of visiting art galleries!