Voxera: The World Is Grateful For This Disrupting Device

Voxera is the first solution worldwide for voice roaming with no fees!

As magical as it sounds, it is a small device that can let you use your original sim card with the rates of your country while travelling. So, you can stay connected anytime, anywhere with no need to change your phone number or waste time looking for good internet connection somewhere. You are just one free call away from your loved ones on the other side of the globe!

Love creates miracles!

Amr El Gebali, the Egyptian techie who fell in love with Arev, the Armenian traveler. They made plans to travel every 3 months. Their first trip to Georgia was great; they spent around 650 dollars on the trip itself and when they came back the roaming bill was shockingly 500 dollars. Being a techie who intuitively looks for solutions for every “bug”, Amr started to search in the roaming problem worldwide. He found out that the roaming fees paid worldwide were 57 billion dollars in 2013 and it will reach 90 billion dollars by 2018.

So, he figured out that the whole world population needs a solution. They started working on the idea and now it’s up and working. Their main market is Europe and USA and now they are officially a registered company in USA and Denmark. However, the larger support they received was from Egypt. They received support and fund from the American University in Cairo and an IT Accelerator called Ebni.

The idea is brilliant! They have also received two offers from telecom providers and already partnered with GigSky, the data roaming provider who basically provide sim cards and data roaming packages for travelers.

How does it work?

All you have to do is put your SIM Card into VoxEra (the device must be connected to the Internet) keep it at home and travel. On the other side, you should download Voxera application on your mobile and you’ll be able to call and text with the highest quality connection and no additional roaming fees.

Market validation success 270%

Voxera launched a campaign on Kickstarter and has made a huge success. They planned to raise 20,000 dollars and that was gained in the first five days. The nationalities of the backers varied from USA, Germany, Singapore, Japan, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab of Emirates.

Meet Voxera Team