Way to Success When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Me, you and everyone else have our own comfort zones. Your comfort zone isn’t actually linked to a certain place. It’s more than that. It’s more about your physiological and emotional behavior. In fact, being in your comfort zone can make you act freely and feel secured. Thinking of leaving your comfort zone will increase the risk of anxiety and stress levels. We always tend to limit and lock ourselves at a certain job, place or even friendship just because we have the fear of stepping out of our comfort zones. Regardless of how much you are annoyed of where you are or even the people you know, you will still prefer your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is neither good nor bad; it’s like the neutral status of how you feel.

Have you ever questioned if staying in your comfort zone will make you grow? Experiencing some stress and anxiety is something needed every now and then. Once you get out of your comfort zone and try new things that you fear, you will be faced with new challenges, experiences and knowledge. Every time you think about moving on to something new, your inner voice will tell you “Don’t get out! What if something bad happened?” But if you turn it off, you might go to places where the magic happens. Outside your comfort zone, amazing things can happen to you; things that you still don’t know, because you haven’t been there yet.

Now, you have to think and specify what lies in your comfort zone. Maybe you find it at your workplace, among some friends, or even at home. Try to think wider, to know which comfort zone you should try to leave. Is it the job where you’ve spent too many years and you think you should move but you fear taking the step? Or is it your home and family where you know it’s time to move out but you fear the concept of living alone? Identify your comfort zone and then take the decision to leave. Once you realize that, you will go to another zone called “The Magic Zone.”

Magic Zone

Magic will actually happen and enter your life once you decide to leave your comfort zone. There are lots of benefits attached to leaving your comfort zone and trying new things. Here are the most important things that will happen to you once you leave.

  • Your comfort zone will grow and you will have the chance to have more than one zone where you feel relaxed and okay with it. You will increase the number of things that you are totally comfortable with.
  • You will be more creative and innovative in the way you think, as you will try new things that you haven’t tried before. And by time, it will enhance your creativity.
  • You will be more confident. By working on new tasks, you will discover more about yourself; things that you haven’t discovered about yourself before. Knowing more about your capabilities and yourself will boost your confidence level.
  • You will make new friends. You won’t lose you current friends but you will add a few more and later on they will be added to your comfort zone.
  • You will embrace new experiences that you never thought you’d experience.
  • The way you think will change to the better as you will be more willing to accept different ideas and perspectives.

Forget your fear and always be open to change!