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7 Ways to Warm Up Your Home in Winter

Wondering how will you make it through the cold? Warm up your home with these ingenious ideas. Struggling in winter is a thing of the past with these life hacks. From insulation to rice bags you will learn how to keep the chill out of your home with simple household items and other tips and tricks.

1. Bubble Wrap Isolator

If you have windows that leak in the cold, isolate them with bubble wrap. Spray the window with water and stick the wrap with the bubbles facing the glass.

2. Warm Your Bed

Place warm bottles on your bed before you head to sleep and enjoy the warmth.

3. DIY Heater

If you want to heat an entire room, all you need is a clay pot, large stones, and a large candle to make this homemade heater.

4. Baking Delights

Make use of the oven heat in the kitchen by keeping the oven door open right after baking. Fill your home with warmth and delicious baking smell!

5. Light up candles

Use candles to add heat while cutting down the electricity bill of your house. It’s also a great way to boost the mood and spread nice scent.

6. Rice Hand Warmers

Use raw rice to make hand warmers. Heat some rice enough to be packed in a fabric or plastic bag. Hold it in your hands to keep your fingers warm and nice.

7. Flu-proof your home

Fact of life; one family member gets the flu, and, before you know it, everyone else has it too. You can fight off common winter cold and flu with the natural remedies on this list.

Stay warm!

7 Ways to Warm Up Your Home in Winter



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