I Wear Pink For My Mother

I’m a very passionate individual, and I feel very deeply about a select number of cases, one of these causes, is a nasty little thing known as Breast Cancer!

I’ve always felt so much hatred and anger towards this ugly disease, since the beginnings of my early teenage years. I thoroughly educated and prepared myself for if God forbid, the time came. I always made sure I talked about it with my friends and family, having read so much about it from an early age. I acquired all the information and knowledge necessary to try to avert the chances of me or anyone I know, gets which-shall-not-be-named. I talked about the symptoms, the physical, mental and emotional changes, treatments, survival rates, and most importantly early detection. I made sure I talked about absolutely everything and anything that had to do with it. I wasn’t afraid of it; I just hated it with a passion. Until the day my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My own mother!

She had complained of chest pains for a period of 8 months, but we all neglected the signs, not out of carelessness, but we never thought it could be serious, or at least we didn’t want to believe it could. A good friend of my mother’s insisted that she saw a doctor and after a few visits, he asked for a cell sample from her left breast (where she felt most of the pain) and sent the sample to the lab. A week later, which felt like an eternity, the results were out.

It was an absolute shock and I felt that life was being sucked out of me. “How could this be? No one I know was supposed to have it, let alone my mother! I was so careful; I was very public about it. Wasn’t that enough?”. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head, and I felt like giving up. Matter of fact, I did give up. I felt that all the effort I’ve put into raising awareness was to no avail. Momma, on the other hand, exhibited incredible strength. She was so much stronger than she was supposed to be. I was the one leaning on her as opposed to her leaning on me. I would cry, she would mock me and tell me there’s no reason to cry (Momma’s way of making one feel better). I would stop living out of misery, and she would just carry on with her daily life.

This happened six years ago, but it feels like yesterday.

I’m sharing this with you because I believe that Breast Cancer Awareness should be all year round, and not just in October. There are no time restrictions when it comes to taking care of your health. Have a monthly check-up done at home just to make sure no lumps have been formed. Go online and read about proper check-up methods. I need you to read, know, get engaged and involved in this cause and take action. Do not just sit there and fool yourselves into thinking that these things happen to other families instead of yours. Men should be careful too, for they also develop breast cancer!

I hope this marks as a wake-up call and not just something you get to read and leave. I really do hope you take this seriously, for your sake and your loved ones.
Detect. Cure. Live.