Egypt Is Already More Western Than You Think

There has always been this perception, of accepting the new and odd, regardless of whether or not how well the outcome of it is, whether it will do good or bad. Acceptance is key in this modernized lifestyle you are all living and witnessing. But not everything should be accepted, and that’s just a matter of fact. There are boundaries, set by each individual, that no matter the subject presented, they still have the full right whether to go for it or against it.

Well, there was a lot, and truly a lot of buzz about this event that occurred in Sahel a few days ago that has got Facebook blowing up. In 6ix Degrees, a famous club in the area, threw a big party that accommodated lots of drinks, music, loads of young people from Cairo, and strippers. Yep.

This was probably the first time we see pictures of strippers out in the public in Egypt! It’s pretty straight forward that there are a lot of parties being held, where God knows what happens in them. But, as pictures surfaced social media and were publicly shared, the public had all sorts of different perceptions, and people weren’t intimidated to voice their true feels. Regardless of that matter, whilst reading the comments and checking up on the latest news, a sudden realization came to mind. You know how each region of the world has its own culture, traditions, and values. Well, if the west can have strippers, what do we have in the east? Belly dancers.

Both strippers and belly dancers claim and fight for the fact that their job is a form of art, which again, is a matter that can be deemed negotiable by some. In Egypt, belly dancers have been around for centuries, and the more time belly dancers have been around, the more skin they show, which might count as similar ground on both belly dancing and stripping fronts. Regardless of this, having a belly dancer is a custom in all Egyptian weddings, yet nobody comments. Some do, but hey, it’s a wedding! Cheer up and have fun, as most people reply. Just give this some thoughtful thinking.

Beliefs that people are ‘trying’ to imitate the west are far from the truth, because like it or not, it happens that people aren’t trying, as whatever practices they want to imitate already exists in the modern eastern world, and they are deemed acceptable and practiced by the majority. So what’s the fuss?