Why Freezing The Gym in Ramadan is Just Pointless

Ahhh, every year’s tensing question has to come to every fitness junky’s mind when the best month of the year is nigh. Should you freeze the month? Not go, take the month off, chill with your friends and family, and stuff your face with all the Nutella Konafa, Sambosa, and Balah El Sham you possibly can? Quite frankly, no you shouldn’t.

Yes, during Ramadan, we barely have enough energy to talk, think or even get out of bed, but that is just a sorry excuse. Don’t lose track and forget the reason why you joined the gym in the first place. Whether you have taken an oath upon yourself to train for El Fit Festival, exercise for a healthier lifestyle or loose those extra pounds, the least you could do is honor that pact and take it seriously. You set up that goal because you wanted it, right? Why back away now?

Make a plan. You know your exercise regime, you know how long it takes you to be there. Just plan it out and see whether you should go before or after Iftar. If before, then you should decrease your intensity so you don’t get dehydrated. If after, just don’t eat much, have a snack and hit the gym!

Encourage yourself. Don’t let the devil get the best of you. I mean come on, it’s Ramadan, he’s chained, do the equation.

Wear your gym clothes before you hit the gym. It’ll give you more motivation to actually stop by and do your 4% a day workout. Whether you’re at home or at work, your gym bag should always be packed and ready at all times.

Indulge, but not too much. Balance is everything, and it’s good to reward yourself every now and then specially if you’re not on a weight loss program and you just want to sustain your weight. So yeah, you can have that slice of Basbosa, because you’re going to burn it off, right?

Motivation is key to everything. Because when you start to think about quitting, shove all those thoughts aside and start remembering the main reason why you started.

Surround yourself with people like you. Being surrounded by fitness enthusiasts, and people who are hungry for the same things that you are, and eventually focus on accomplishing and reaching the same goals, are the people you want to be around. People who motivate you and make you grow because they see the potentials that you have, and one can never get enough of having people believe in them. Amiright?