All Anyone Can Think Of Is ‘Why Not Now Rather Than Later’?

The sentence that has been said by every clerk all around Egypt ‘because of the Dollar prices’. Amidst the Egyptian pound deflation period; one of probably the worst times to live, Egyptians still seem to find a way to buy everything they desire. Even though chocolate bars, clothes, and even gum have all doubled in prices. While these changes have seemed to made only a few days apart, the simplest of luxuries are now only afforded by few. Or so it seems.

Shops and stores are now flooding with sales and promotions to save their businesses. And one of the most notable of them all is Carrefour’s 14th year anniversary sale. People from all classes are leaving the store with boxes of electronics, food and clothes. There are even some who rent a pickup truck to carry everything. This situation bids the question, are Egyptians really facing a problem?

Instead of going to a coffee shop to get your morning dose of caffeine, most people seem to just buy a travel mug and make their own coffee at home. Which is, of course, a budget friendly option rather than spending 30 pounds on coffee a day. And no, people don’t really seem to be encouraged to buy a croissant or a muffin with their coffee, thank you very much.

However, whenever you spark the conversation about how the prices have changed, everyone seems to be engaged and frustrated. Yet, products are swiped off the shelves every day. Who exactly is the one buying? Are people being hypocritical and just keep commenting on the odd prices that are changed, basically every day? All because of ‘the dollar price’? Because it seems that way when people tend to be struggling as they can’t carry any more bags as they leave the stores.

It seems that Egyptians still have the hopeless dream of ‘why not now rather than later?’ When equipment prices have dropped only a few hundred pounds in sale, people still buy it. It’s a lesson everyone has learned after going to a store to buy a jumper that costs 300 pounds and two days later a new price ticket that shouts 600 pounds is placed on top.

Everyone seems to try and grasp that last chance whatever the circumstances may be. Being rid of luxuries, whether how big or small, in a short period of time while roaming free in your country can really bring a person down. Which as it seems to be, the general mode of the citizens.

The issue here is as long as people keep buying, no matter the sale, companies will keep on increasing the prices. Which brings a bigger issue to the picture. What can one do?  Even all those horoscope reading professionals that came on TV a week ago can’t seem to answer the mysterious and through provoking question of “Where is Egypt going?”

As stated, it’s a mystery to us all. But everyone seems to stay afloat, whether by setting a specific budget or depriving themselves for the things that gave the simplest of joys.