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How Winning Is Not A One-Man Show

How Winning Is Not A One-Man Show

With everyone cheering, and hugging each other with joy, the Egyptian streets were noticeably jam-packed, but no one was bothered because everyone was happy. Happy because we’ve just witnessed history in the making. After 27 years, Egypt has finally entered the upcoming World Cup, a dream many have been looking up to, and it’s all thanks to a team, not just one person. It is true, Mohamed Salah is a highly talented individual, as time was running out hastily, his move, his goal changed history, and he has been receiving high praise ever since.

But clearly, the match was ninety minutes long, with ten players running about, gasping for breath, defending and striking against the opposing team, and one defending the goal like his life depended on it. This result, this victory, was all because of each and every player of the Egyptian team, their combined efforts made this victory come to life. People need to remember that.

Why is it that we always focus on the one presenting the work, when clearly, there are four or five other people who’ve also slaved away hours of work and limiting sleep just so it could be the way you’re watching it now. Why give praise to just Steve Jobs for creating one of the best innovations to date? When clearly he had an enormous team doing more than half the job?

The final result of anything is the product of many, not one.

Like you, reading this article. Who taught you how to read? If your future is set on shooting amazing photos, who gave you the push, endless motivation, guidance, and support to follow your ultimate dream? The person who held your hand before you fell right on your backside while learning how to walk for the first time? The numbers are in fact, endless. Because the person you are today, ‘the end result’ for the time being if you will, the amazing photographer you’re highly praised for, the accomplished entrepreneur, and in this case the talented football player, is all thanks to a collective and combined effort of a group of people.

Taking example the countless posts about how ‘one’ person lead the country to complete victory is just sad. Because there’s no ‘I’ in team, so ultimately there’s no ‘he’ or ‘she’ either. So instead, let’s celebrate the amazing efforts of teamwork, and maybe by taking this event as an example, Egyptians might find that if everyone cared more about acknowledging efforts that lead to the end results, rather than focusing their attention on one individual for their own personal gain, the country would probably be in a much brighter state.

Kudos to the entire national football team for this win. Each and everyone of you has made the entire country proud.

How Winning Is Not A One-Man Show


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