Women’s American Football Will Be Just As Sore

In late 2014, introduced into the Egyptian sports scene and capturing the interests of many, all over Cairo and Alexandria alike, was American Football. Tryouts gaining more success than the season before, lead it to becoming an almost house hold topic. Now, American Football is no less part of the Egyptian sports culture than Dodge Ball or Water Polo. It comes as no surprise having American Football on it’s way to becoming everyone’s favorite sport. The Egyptian youth may still not be as preoccupied with it as they are with say, Soccer, but it certainly is gaining reputable popularity by the day.

Gaining widespread recognition with each passing season, with 8 affiliated teams; The Egyptian Federation is now welcoming more teams into the family, with 3 more newly-registered, specifically, women’s teams.

Three all-women teams have joined the hustle and are now competing for The Egyptian Flag Football League for 2016.

Who are they?

The GUC Eagles


The Transforma Warriors


The Cairo She Wolves


All three of ‘em, consisting of over 90 incredibly inspirational, different and motivating women will be competing at the Central Bank of Egypt Club at the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo. Games will be held over the course of three running and successive Fridays, which started this past November 18th and shall end December 2nd, from 2-5PM.

Check the event link on Facebook:

This is precisely the kind of take-off women need. It’s exhilarating knowing that we’re getting our fair shot, and a chance to prove ourselves, when it’s not so very often that we could.

Brace yourselves folks, these women are a force to be reckoned with!