You And I Are Like Water And Oil

Water and oil can’t be mixed.
No matter how hard you try to shake it
Mix it together with a spoon
Use up all that arm muscle of yours
Water still won’t mix with oil
Because they’re different.
We’re different.
At first, the thought of us was appealing,
It pushed our minds to impossible imaginations
Beautiful imaginations they were.
But they were all in our heads.
They couldn’t be executed.
We knew it was fiction
Deep down.
Only viable in books and movies
Impossible to survive reality’s grip
But we tried.
Tested the boundaries,
Days, weeks and months passed
Making us overlook the main problem
We were so blind,
That even through every tear, cry, smile and shout
We knew,
Water and oil can’t co-exist.
They never will.
You and I,
Will never be.
You And I Are Like Water And Oil