Know Why Zalamocha Is The New Trend in Coffee World!

The coffee industry has been invading the Egyptian market for many years now! And what makes this industry growing tremendously every day is the huge percentage of coffee consumers around. You, me, and a lot of people around the world consider coffee as our main source of satisfaction, and our daily dosages are the only things that make us feel alive. We rush from our homes to our destinations just to get that hug in a cup as soon as possible, and on weekends we need to find a place to chill, relax and have fun with a nice cup of coffee, and here we have rounded up one of the best coffee carts that every coffee enthusiast should try this summer.


Zalamocha is a coffee cart, whose name is inspired by the old Mercedes Calamocha car. The design of the cart, colors and the positive environment is all about coffee, super fresh and like no other. They mainly serve hot and cold beverages and most of your favorite coffee types are available. From Espressos, to Macchiatos to Turkish coffee and more, you’ll find them all on their menus, in addition to some smoothies as well.

Enjoy a new coffee experience and visit Zalamocha located in Nasr City. Know more information including their location through their Facebook page or Instagram account.